Why Hervey Bay Is Best For Whale Watching

Whale watching in Hervey Bay has seen significant growth in recent years and is popular today. Tourists from different countries make a trip to Hervey Bay, either alone or in groups to see the magnificent humpback whales.

From late July up to early November, tourists gather at Hervey Bay to watch the whales. Whale watching in Hervey Bay usually leaves tourists with unforgettable memories that last a lifetime. These tourists even have the opportunity to interact personally with the whales.

The primary reason why Hervey Bay is the best spot in the world for whale watching is that the magnificent humpbacks do not just pass by on reaching the Fraser Coast waters, but they stop to relax and socialise in these waters before making a return journey to Antarctica.

What To Expect From Tour Guides In Hervey Bay

When planning to visit Hervey Bay for whale watching it is best to engage the services of the locals who have knowledge and experience. The commentary of a tour guide will ensure that a tourist has a satisfying experience.

For example, a tourist may not be able to differentiate between a whale and a dolphin from a distance, but with the expert eye of a tour guide, a whale can easily be spotted. Some tour boats may even employ the services of a trained naturalist to offer educational guidance to passengers.

It is also good to go with a professional tour guide who will put the comfort and safety of the passenger as a priority. It is best to take a whaleboat that has adequate crew members trained in first aid and proper rescue skills.

Tour Operator Prices For Whale Watching In Hervey Bay

It is also important to look for tour operators that suit both your schedule and your set budget. There are also some tour operators that offer underground viewing of whales to tourists.

Depending on a tourist’s schedule, whale watching can be done in the mornings or afternoons. Some tour operators also offer half day, 3/4 day and full day whale watch tour; each pegged at different prices.

Tour operator prices may also differ based on whether full meals are offered tourists or not. For example, some whale watching tours may be as low as $89 per adult while some may cost $115 per adult. After choosing a suitable tour operator, payment can easily be made online or via the hotel.

Some tour operator packages come with accommodation included. This type of Hervey Bay whale watch package is ideal for families, and they usually include a whale watch cruise. For more information on whale watching tours visit: www.whalesong.com.au

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