Budget Accommodation

Diverse Budget Accommodations in New Zealand

Budget accommodations in New Zealand are a thrifty choice for travelers. Budget accommodations mostly cater to travelers who are students, solo travelers, and those people who are on a tight budget but wanted to see the beauty of New Zealand.

When you look for budget accommodation in New Zealand on the internet, you will find several types of accommodations – from a typical bed and breakfast inns to hostels, to cheap hotels. Amazing discounts are given to tourists who book months or days earlier.

Types of Budget Accommodations in New Zealand

There are a lot of budget accommodations in New Zealand that offers a great price, amenities, and everything in between. Depending on your preference, you can choose from these available types of budget accommodations:


Yes, campsite-types of budget accommodation are being offered in New Zealand for a

reasonable value. It includes the space for your tent or van, and campground facilities, such as bathrooms, common kitchen, rubbish facilities, etc.


Hostels are like little hotels that are usually dormitory-type of budget accommodation.

This type of accommodation mostly caters to groups as it offers 4-8 beds in one room, with a shared toilet and bath. Some rooms are for men only, women only, and mixed (for both men and women).

Budget Hotels

Budget hotels, with the name itself, is a hotel that accommodates two people only in one room. This budget accommodation can cater to couples or even solo travelers who want to have space on their own.


Motels are a type of budget accommodation in New Zealand that caters to tourists who would stay for hours only.

Usual Amenities of Budget Accommodations in New Zealand

Amenities are additional items that interest a tourist in booking a place to stay. The more amenities a budget accommodation has, the more desirable it is for tourists.

One of the best amenities a budget accommodation in New Zealand can have is a free breakfast. A complimentary breakfast, although it’s part of what you paid for, can save you some cash! Having breakfast outside your accommodation could mean additional cost on your part as it will appear pricier.

Another amenity to look forward from a budget accommodation New Zealand is a free Wi-Fi. Yes, some accommodations are cheaper, but when you look at their amenities, they don’t offer a free Wi-Fi. The internet is so much more helpful when we travel. Let’s admit it. Planning for itineraries, googling for maps, and all that travelers’ stuff would come as easy as pie when you have Wi-Fi.

There are still tons of amenities that are made available by these budget accommodations for tourists who are on a tight budget. It depends on the tourist’s preferences.

Prices of Budget Accommodations in New Zealand

Prices of Budget Accommodations in New Zealand vary. Two factors that affect the price are location and season. The nearer the accommodation is to the tourist attractions and necessities, the higher the price. Also, if you plan to visit New Zealand on a peak season, prices of accommodations will also go up. To save, consider planning your vacation on lean seasons. Budget accommodations in New Zealand would usually range from a price of 15 NZD to 50 NZD (about US $11 to US $ 37) per night.