Where to Stay in New Zealand

Top 5 Places to Stay in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world. New Zealand is jam-packed with exciting adventures for every type of tourists. Camping, road trips, and nature-rific sightseeings are just some of the great adventures that New Zealand offers.

Before choosing a place to stay in New Zealand, a lot of factors must be considered. Accessibility, convenience, safety, and affordability, are some examples of these factors that most of us are concerned about.

Each place in New Zealand offers a ton-full of adventures and excitement, may it be a city or a town. Each place, also, has their own good stories and stuffs to tell. There’s a lot more to say about New Zealand, its cities, and towns, but, in this article, we’ll be narrowing them down to the Top 5 Places to Stay in New Zealand.


Whether backpacking or staying for a long time, Rotorua is one of the best

places to stay in New Zealand. In fact, it is on top of the list of every adrenaline junkie, a

nature lover, and tourists who are up to an affordable place to stay. Rotorua is an ideal place for people who love outdoors so much.

Accessibility and convenience? Not a worry. There are plenty of amenities in Rotorua. Name it. They have plenty of schools, supermarkets, night markets, museums, eateries, and all that you need.

New Plymouth

If you’re into nature, art, and hippie stuff, then New Plymouth is the best place to be

whilst in New Zealand. New Plymouth is the 4th most expensive city in New Zealand, but still cheaper as compared to other European and American cities. Quality of life in New Plymouth is also good. In fact, New Plymouth got an award for its community stability.


Living a normal life in Hamilton is possible. It’s like you’re living in a big city, but a little

more convenient, accessible and fun. Therefore, Hamilton was included in the Top 5 places to stay in New Zealand.

Hamilton is just 45 minutes drive from Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand. Despite its proximity to Auckland, Hamilton is about 40% cheaper regarding the cost of living.

There’s so much to talk about Hamilton. Amazing beaches, great shopping, trout fishing,

hot air balloons, best-brewed beers, coffees, and hiking spots. Truly, you will be mesmerized by the beauty and simplicity of Hamilton.


Queenstown has been a popular town in New Zealand. When you Google on the best activities to do in New Zealand, results would show that majority of the attractions would come from Queenstown. No wonder it is called the Adventure Capital of the World!

Due to its popularity, Queenstown becomes a bit pricey when it comes to adventure things, rent, and even on prices of food.


Last, but definitely not the least is New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington. There are so

much to love about Wellington despite the fact that everything is priced expensively. This is why it’s part of the Top 5 Places to Stay in New Zealand.

Like other cities and towns in New Zealand, Wellington also offers nightlife, great brewed beer and coffee, markets, and adventures. Connecting from Wellington to suburb areas is not a problem at all because public transport is terrific and efficient.