Accommodation Options

Types of Accommodations in New Zealand

Accommodation takes up the biggest chunk when traveling in New Zealand. With a lot of places to visit and attractions to experience, surely you’ll look for an accommodation which is convenient and accessible.

New Zealand’s tourism already applied the Qualmark quality marker. This is an assessment made to rank a certain accommodation. Accommodations can be rated from a 1-star, an acceptable level, up to 5 stars, if it’s really exceptional. This quality marker also helps tourists to look for their ideal accommodation in New Zealand.

New Zealand caters to different types of tourists, may it be the ones who seek a whole new adventure, or tourists who are just there for leisure purposes. In this article, we will discuss the different types of accommodations in New Zealand. Here is the list:


If there is one thing that’s best about hotels, that would be their standard! Hotels in New Zealand comes at different prices, from budget to luxury ones. Aside from a 24/7 front desk assistance, hotel accommodations also offer facilities such as cafes and restaurants, bars, gyms, even valet parking for those who traveled by car.


Apartment accommodations in New Zealand are for those tourists who are up to the quality same as that of hotels but are more flexible regarding its self-catering facilities. This type of accommodation gives you the feeling of having your own space and doing things at your own time – cook meals, do your laundry, and just chill.

Apartment-type of accommodations are perfect for couples, and even those who travel in groups, or together with their families.


Ever wondered why motels are strategically located near highways and main driving routes? Motel-type of accommodations are situated in those areas for them to be easily located by travelers who drive their own cars.

There are a lot of motels in New Zealand. Even these motels have their own Qualmark star. Motels are ideal for travelers who often don’t follow itineraries and who don’t have accommodation pre-bookings. In most cases, motels accept walk-in guests.

Bed & Breakfasts

Bed & Breakfast types of accommodations are one of the best accommodations that you can find in New Zealand. The concept of this type of accommodation is like that of a host and a guest, wherein a host opens up a room in his house and prepares a comfortable bed and a sumptuous breakfast for the guest. What’s cute about this type of accommodation is that the host and the guest can be instant friends!


Hostels are backpacker’s best friends when it comes to accommodations! Aside from booking a hostel at a super friendly rate, you can also win some new friends! Hostels nowadays in New Zealand adapt to the needs of every backpacker – communal kitchen and lounges, little bars/cafes, Wifi connections, and others. You will surely find a decent hostel in New Zealand without breaking your piggy bank!

Motor Camps & Parks

Motor camps and parks are not situated just anywhere in New Zealand. These campsites are typically located near a beach or a lake. This is why some travelers often consider motor camps and parks type of accommodations because, they pay a minimal cost, but with an overly attractive view. These campsites also provide facilities for campers. These facilities include a communal kitchen, communal bathroom, and rubbish services.