Engagement Ring Care

How to take care for diamond engagement rings in Sydney

Yes, there are high chances that your diamond engagement ring costs a lot of money. Therefore, taking good care of it must be your top priority. You may have spent quite some time, that is, months or even years to locate that outrageous expensive sparkle. Also, being a permanent fixture on your hand, you may want to ensure that it retains its shiny and sparkly feature for the coming years. All this is possible by merely taking the following tips into practice:

  1. Purchase insurance

Insurance plays a vital role in protecting any of your financial investment in the event of damage, loss, or any unexpected misfortunes. Therefore, it is quite essential to have your diamond engagement ring every five or ten years depending on the rising cost of precious metal and diamonds.

  1. Never remove the ring in public

Yes. Handwashing is a common thing in a public restroom must you must always work towards resisting the temptation of removing the diamond engagement ring while lathering up. All this is because there are high chances of leaving it on the sink’s ledge or even drop the ring down which can lead to high risk.

  1. Keep it clean

Always avoid cleaning the gems by the use of random cleaners while at home. Here, the best decision is to take the diamond engagement ring to a skilled jeweller in Sydney so that it gets properly cleaned under the required conditions.

  1. Never treat the ring using harsh chemicals

Whenever touching or cleaning harsh chemicals, you should remove the diamond engagement ring. All this is because the cleaning agents and bleach are in a position of dulling the ring’s finish and in turn harm the porous coloured gemstones such as emeralds.

  1. Never put it through the needless tear and wear

Diamond is categorised as one of the hardest natural materials in the world. However, this is not an indication that the ring cannot chip. In most cases, the diamond’s cut table can wear and tear. But there is an option of avoiding this by ensuring that the ring does not knock against other hard materials.

  1. Never touch the centre stone

No more cases of wondering on how to take care of your diamond engagement ring. You need to avoid touching the centre stone at any given cost. The common thing with diamond and any other precious stone is that they attract body oil, dirt, and dust. Therefore, whenever taking off or putting on the ring, you should always try to grab on either side of the centre stone instead of directly grabbing the stone.