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Joan & Larry Blume came to New Zealand on a vacation in 2002, and decided during their stay in Hawkes Bay, to come back soon. Two weeks later they had arranged to acquire The Masters Lodge. Twelve months later, they were the newest residents of Napier NZ!

Until moving to New Zealand, Joan lived all of her life in New York. She was a successful dentist in New York City. But she has many other talents. She is an avid baker. A fabulous gardener, she grows flowers, herbs and vegetables for use at the Lodge.

Larry was a lawyer and CEO of an international law firm. He lived most of his adult life in New York City. Larry is an experienced cook and wine connoisseur.

Joan and Larry met in New York City, and were married in the Millennium. They have established their new life together in Napier...away from the bustling crowds. Come and share their warmth and hospitality … in true 'Deco Style'!

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